In January 2017, Roy Applequist, Jay T. Reynolds and Cass Reynolds formed Concordia Technologies LLC. Concordia Technologies purchased the former Arvos facility on the east edge of Concordia, Kansas. Operating until December of 2016, the Arvos facility manufactured material handling, crushing, heavy industrial and energy related items. In the past 50 years the facility was under numerous names including Ehrsam, Combustion Engineering (C-E) , Raymond, ABB, Alstom Power and the former Arvos.

Roy Applequist, who founded Great Plains Manufacturing, Inc. in 1976 before selling the company to the Kubota Corporation in 2016, brings a lifetime of production and product development to the company.

Jay T. Reynolds, President, served 20 plus years as Project Manager, Quality Manager and Plant Director of Arvos.

Cass Reynolds, Vice President, served 20 plus years as Purchasing Manager and Sales Manager at Arvos.

Concordia Technologies officially opened on February 13, 2017. The facility boasts of nearly 115,000 sq. ft. and 24 acres of fabricating, machining, welding, assembling, painting and shipping space as well as over 14 acres of storage.