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Equipment & Resources

We are a one-stop machine shop with expertise in various services. We have the tools and the expertise to see your idea through from conception to execution. The capabilities of Concordia Technologies are extensive and include fabrication, welding, machining, stress, painting, blasting, storage and more. Checkout our detailed equipment inventory and services on the Capabilities page. Our Solutions page also has services that we provide as well as several of the industries we serve.

Precision Welding

We are proud to offer top-notch metal fabrication to our clients. The diversity of our manufacturing knowledge comes from more than 100 experienced craftsmen using a wide range of high-quality machinery, including MIG, TIG, Sub Arc (SAW), Flux Core and more. This enables us to provide production to a variety of customers in a number of methods. We can handle all jobs small to large. Our facility has ample manufacturing room, fabrication capabilities and lifting capacities of over 200 tons.


Our expertise in fabrication is built on a solid understanding of the challenges and costs that manufacturers face when bringing a new design to market. Fabrications can be constructed using a variety of methods. We have developed the capability to combine multiple processes to offer the best solutions for a variety of production needs.

CNC Machining

Our CNC machines can cut almost any metal alloy including exotic materials with high precision and repeatability, making custom machined parts suitable for nearly every industry. We offer custom quotes on over 30 materials. Performance-enhancing processes, precision tolerances and certifiable material options make our CNC machining exceptional.


Skilled Workers

Concordia Technologies employees are highly skilled experts with years of experience. Their training in the latest technology will also ensure that you get the best-quality product. Our atmosphere is mutually cultured with skilled employees who care about the future of our company and our clients. Bottom line is: our clients trust us to deliver great products at the best possible quality and value.

Family Values

Around here people know us as ConTech. We are proud of our family-focused company. Honesty, hard work, determination and dedication have been engrained into this business over the years. You realize these things when you work with us. With hard work they grow and evolve into better products for our customers. That’s our company philosophy.

It's Cool to be Rural

We believe in rural America. We’re proud to be an innovator and community leader right here in the heart of USA. Our Midwest values combined with modern technology have proven to be reliable and cost-effective for our clients. This unique environment is one of the reasons for our success. Another reason… we get it. Simply put: We listen carefully to what our clients want, then we make it happen.


We are proud of our accomplishments.


Years of Service


Skilled Employees


Affordable Prices

Delivering quality parts at a fair price requires low overhead, a highly competent workforce and a customer centric business philosophy.

Responsible Culture

The key to our success is our culture. We know it's important for our customers to have a business partner that provides reliable solutions. That's what we're about.

Customer Satisfaction

We believe that the impressions we leave on our clients and each other will last for decades. That's why we have so many repeat customers.

Experienced Team

Concordia Technologies employees are as confident in their skills as they are dedicated to precision production for a variety of customer needs in various industries.

“Here at ConTech,
we’re known for being loyal and honest.
Our customers’ satisfaction converts to loyalty, and that’s the biggest reason for our continued success.”

Jay T. Reynolds

President, CEO

We forge great partnerships.

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Not sure what works for your exact needs? Get free consultation!

Experience you can trust, service you can count on. Concordia Technologies – your partners in profit.

Not sure what works for your exact needs? Get free consultation!

Experience you can trust, service you can count on.
Concordia Technologies – your partners in profit.